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Our quarterly newsletter includes information about events and projects, along with tips for keeping your water tank in tip-top shape and recognizing when water tank maintenance is needed. You can also win a Southern Corrosion hat by playing Tank Tracker!

Exterior Coatings: A Primer

Water Tank Painting

Well-maintained tanks can last indefinitely. So keeping the exterior coating of your tank in good condition is an important part of tank maintenance.

“Choosing optimal coatings for your tank’s exterior protects it from rusting and other damage,” Southern Corrosion’s Jim Skilton says. Over time, your tank’s exterior coating will chalk and fade, primarily due to sunlight. As a result, this coating needs to be sun resistant to prolong color and gloss retention.

Two layers of paint are applied to the exterior of a tank. The base layer should most likely be an epoxy. This provides corrosion control, barrier resistance and durability. Then an exterior coating is applied on top of the epoxy to protect it. The exterior coating is to protect the epoxy coating underneath.

Preventive paint maintenance is incredibly cost-effective because it prolongs the time between costly tank repainting jobs. Contact your Southern Corrosion area representative to find out more, or to schedule your next tank inspection.

Tank Team Sightings: Lancaster, South Carolina

You’ll need to use your x-ray vision to spot the Tank Team working on this quarter’s featured project–they’re working on the interior of a tank in Lancaster, South Carolina. Here’s a peek at what interior tank work can be like.
Tank Interior

Interior Paint Coatings

Find out what can cause premature failure of the roof of your tank, and what you should keep in mind when you’re choosing your tank’s interior coating in this informative mini-seminar:

“Dessert First” and an Award at the NCRWA Conference
Bud Pate Award

Southern Corrosion received NCRWA’s 2015 Bud Pate Award. This award is given to an individual or company that demonstrates an outstanding concern for the rural water and/or wastewater industry, their customers, and their community.

Dessert First

Did you eat “Dessert First” at Southern Corrosion’s annual North Carolina Rural Water Association dinner? If not, contact us to find out how to do so next year!


Lynne Skilton of Southern Corrosion golfing with Sheila Moore of West Carteret County.

Craig Ferring Dare Co

Southern Corrosion’s Jim Dotson with Craig Ferring of Dare County at our NCRWA Conference booth.

Buford White Halifax Co PU

Buford White of Halifax County Public Utilities with Southern Corrosion Tank Inspector Eric DeMaria.

Georgia Rural Water Association Conference
Brad McConnell

Southern Corrosion’s Brad McConnell discusses Engineered Tank Care with Jerry Moats of Baldwin County.


Jason Phillips and Brad McConnell play a round of golf at the Georgia Rural Water Association conference.

Maryland Rural Water Association Conference
Welcome Banner

A good time was had by all at the Break the Ice party on the opening night of the MRWA Conference.

MRWA Conference

Tank Team members Rich Skilton, Jim Skilton, Morgan Barnes, and Eric Barnes at our MRWA Conference booth.


Visitors to our booth received 25th Anniversary MRWA Conference commemorative t-shirts.

Virginia Rural Water Association Conference
Skiltons_Danny Buchanan of VRWA Board_Todd Kilduff of Goochland County Public Utilities

Golf with Danny Buchanan of the VRWA Board and Todd Kilduff of Goochland County Public Utilities


Brett Woodruff, Elbert Basolis, Jim Dotson, Jim Skilton, and Lynne Skilton at the Southern Corrosion booth

Cell Antennas & Your Tank

Ed Pine Island, NC2Water tower cell antennas can generate extra revenue for your town or city. The tradeoff is that improperly installed antennas can cause significant damage to your tank.

“Always have a cell antenna analysis done on your water tank before a new antenna is installed or an additional antenna is added,” says Southern Corrosion’s Jim Skilton. “Improperly installed antennas can create expensive water tank repairs, especially in a wind event. Once installation is complete, you also need to have the work inspected by a water tank expert to confirm that the antenna is properly attached.”

As part of our tank maintenance services, we provide our ETC Prime customers with cell tower evaluation, engineering, welding, and management. So if you’re considering a cell antenna installation, contact your Southern Corrosion representative for more information or to schedule a cell antenna analysis.

Win Free Hockey Tickets!

HurricanesWe love our water in all forms–which is why we’re giving away free tickets to the March 10th and March 12th, 2015 Carolina Hurricanes ice hockey games!

For your chance to win tickets:

1) Like our Facebook page.

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Winners will be randomly selected, and will receive four free tickets and a parking pass to either the March 10th Carolina Hurricanes game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, or the March 12th Carolina Hurricanes game against the Dallas Stars. Both games will be at Raleigh’s PNC Arena. Ticket winners will be announced on Monday, March 2nd.

Tank Team Sightings: Grandy, North Carolina

Despite the fact it isn’t quite beach season yet, you’ll find one of our Water Tank Maintenance Teams in the Outer Banks this month.

Our mission: repainting the Grandy, North Carolina water tank. So if you find yourself in the area, stop by to see us!