Custom, engineered maintenance programs for water tanks, water towers, and above-ground reservoirs.

Engineered Tank Care™ includes:
•    Custom Water Tank Maintenance Contracts
•    Water Tank Painting, Restoration & Repair
•    Water Tank Inspections
•    Water Tank Cleaning & Washouts
•    Cell Tower Management & Engineering Analysis
•    Water Tower Demolition
•    Water Tower Security
•    Water Tank Mixing Systems

Southern Corrosion, Inc. is a leader in water tank and water tower maintenance programs in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the U.S. We were the first to create the Engineered Tank Care concept, with on-staff engineers managing the standards and specifications for each custom maintenance contract.

We have our own dedicated water tank maintenance crews across the 13 state region that we serve, which includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

We are experienced with water tank and water tower maintenance for a variety of tank types, including torus bottomed water tanks, double ellipsoidal water tanks, tripod water tanks, radial hydropneumatic water tanks, composite water tanks, riveted water tanks, bolted steel water tanks, and elevated water tanks.

Better water tank service maximizes tank life and decreases ownership costs. With regular water tank inspections and maintenance, a tank will be viable indefinitely. A maintenance plan puts routine activities such as water tower cleaning, water tower painting, and water tower repair on a schedule.

Having a water tower maintenance specialist regularly climbing your tanks to inspect them is also incredibly valuable. Water Tank inspectors see what others often can’t, and they inspect each tank from every angle. They are experts in looking for signs of corrosion, leaks, and foundation issues, and monitoring the condition of vents and screens.

A water tank or water tower maintenance contract puts the responsibility for maintenance in the hands of experts and engineers who specialize in the field. The water tank maintenance contractor should have a team that includes SSPC Protective Coatings Specialists and NACE Coatings Inspectors. This team should also be able to provide expertise on cell tower management, water tank safety, and water tank security measures. Water tank maintenance plans should come with the full spectrum of highest quality tank care.

Engineered Tank Care

Our water tank maintenance programs are overseen by on-staff engineers. We focus on water tank life and appearance, water quality, and a level of care and attention to detail that is unequalled in our industry. When a water tank enters our Engineered Tank Care program, we are fully vested in the life and future of that tank. It’s all about maximizing water tank life, keeping water tanks looking their absolute best, and making water tank management cost-effective, simple, and worry-free.