From the initial inspection through the creation and implementation of each custom water tank maintenance program, our customers have come to expect superior service and consistent results. We have our own dedicated water tank inspection, maintenance, and painting crews, strategically located throughout our regions, and sales representatives that live in the areas they service. We’re proud to call our customers friends and neighbors. When Southern Corrosion manages your tank and tower maintenance and painting, you’ll know exactly what your water tank or water tower maintenance is going to cost, when maintenance will be performed, and why it is needed. We work with our customers to make sure that every aspect of their water tank maintenance plan fits with their needs and budgets. No surprises. No hidden costs. We take pride in every water tank in our maintenance program.

Engineered Tank Care™

Our water tank maintenance programs are designed and approved by on-staff engineers. We focus on water tank life and appearance, water quality, and a level of care and attention to detail that is unequaled in the water tank maintenance industry. When a water tank enters our Engineered Tank Care program, we are fully vested in the life and future of that water tank. It’s all about maximizing water tank life, keeping water tanks looking their absolute best, and making water tank management cost-effective, simple, and worry-free.

ETC Prime™ Water Tank and Water Tower Maintenance

Southern Corrosion’s ETC Prime is the industry Gold Standard for water tank asset management, water tower maintenance, and preservation. It includes yearly water tank inspections, regular water tank washouts, and a customized water tank maintenance plan designed to maximize tank life and ensure regulatory compliance, all while managing cash flow and simplifying budgeting.

ETC Sentry™ Water Tank and Water Tower Maintenance

This customizable water tank maintenance program provides you with the information that you need to plan for water tank and water tower maintenance, comply with inspection regulations, ensure that your water tanks are structurally sound, and monitor water tank operation. It includes yearly inspections for all of your water tanks with washouts scheduled to meet your needs.

Our Water Tank Maintenance Services Include:

  • Water Tower Painting, Restoration, and Repair
  • Water Tower Inspections
  • Water Tower Cleaning and Washouts
  • Custom Engineered Water Tower Maintenance Plans
  • Water Tower Cell Antenna Engineering Analysis & Management
  • Water Tower Demolition
  • Water Tower Security
  • Water Tank Mixing Systems

Water Tank and Water Tower Mixing Systems

Southern Corrosion is a certified Medora distributor and receives a significant cost savings on mixers that we pass on to our customers! As a current water tank maintenance contract customer, we are able to provide you with a great price on purchase, installation, and maintenance of a Medora GridBee®  mixer.
Better water quality and chemical mixing at a great price are just a few of the benefits exclusively offered to Southern Corrosion maintenance contract customers.

Mixers Reduce or Prevent:

• Stagnation • Sediment build-up • Short circuiting • Uneven distribution of disinfectants • Freezing • Temperature stratification

Water Tank and Water Tower Maintenance Classes

Southern Corrosion provides in-depth continuing education classes on water tank and water tower maintenance, security, water management, and water safety.

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